Training & Skills


Period Wigs
Under Susan Cole (with Gemma Waugh) at Christine Blundell Makeup Academy – 2020.

Period Makeup
Under Julia Wilson at Christine Blunder Makeup Academy – 2020.

Dark and Ethnic skintones
Under Sangeet Prabhaker at Gorton Studio – 2019.

Makeup FX and Prosthetics Creation
Under Stuart Conran (with Andrew Whiteoak and Vesna Giordano) at Gorton Studio – 2018.
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Creature & Character sculpture
Under Don Lanning at Gorton Studio – 2017.

Figurative sculpture
Under Andrew Sinclair at The Sculpture School – 2016.


Prosthetic makeup application.
Out-of-kit effects.
Straight / beauty makeup.
Period makeup.
Bald cap application.
Tattoo transfers and concealing.
Wig preparation, dressing and styling.
Hair punching, hair laying and flocking.

Sculpture – maquettes, visualisation, prosthetics, masks, large scale (all mediums).
Prop making / foam fabrication.
Life casting.

Mould making (silicone, fibreglass, polyurethane and plaster).
Running appliances (silicone, foam latex, gelatine, encapsulation).
Seaming, patching and painting.
Out-of-kit effects.