About me

I’m on the left. I think.

After an extensive but soul-destroying career in the design industry I decided to take the leap and quit my job with nothing ahead of me but the belief that I could become a makeup artist.

I taught myself as much as I could and plugged the gaps with classical sculpture tuition from renowned artist Andrew Sinclair at The Sculpture School, followed by character creation tuition from Hollywood superstar Don Lanning and then an extensive prosthetics course at Gorton Studio under the incredible Stuart Conran (Hellraiser, Shaun of the Dead, Saving Private Ryan, the list goes on…).

In between making contacts and picking up a variety of freelance work I undertook a tenure as special effects lecturer at college level and then transitioned into course assistant at the far more exciting Gorton Studio.

I have exhibited at IMATS and The Prosthetics Event, demo’ed at UMAE for The Makeup Armoury and am lucky enough to demo for them again at IMATS London 2019 with my amazing antipodean friend Ed Yates, as well as competing in Battle of the Brushes the day before.

It’s shaping up to be a wonderful year and I cant wait to see what else comes my way!